Our Children's Ministry at West Park is Christ-Centered, Family-Focused, and Child-Targeted:

  • Christ-Centered (Philippians 3:8) - At the core of everything is Christ. By Him all things were created and through Him all things are held together. He is the head of the Church and we meet together to worship Him. Outside of Him there is no purpose.
  • Family-Focused (Deuteronomy 11:18-19) - Two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences. We partner with parents to help establish a lasting faith in each child. 
  • Child-Targeted (1 Corinthians 9:22) - We want to immerse ourselves into and know the culture of children today. WE will do what we need to in order to reach this generation for Christ. We plan activities that are age-appropriate and engaging to children. The environment in the classrooms communicate to the children that they are treasured. Songs and Bible lessons are taught in ways that will best reach and teach children. 

Our Mission is to supplement the family in reaching and leading children to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.


We want West Park to be a safe place for children. We understand that safety and security are among the child's highest needs. Children cannot learn well in an environment where they are afraid and do not feel safe emotionally, physically, or spiritually. As children arrive at church they need to feel genuine warmth and an immediate comfort level with adults who are responsible for them. We need to assure parents and children alike that we have their best interests as our top priority at all times. That's why safety is a must! Children have to face scary situations too often in their lives. We want our kids to be able to know without hesitation that they are safe at West Park!

West Park's safety policy:

  • Background Check for volunteers over 18 years (State + Federal Requirement)
  • Interview
  • Check References
  • Adults are never alone with a child
  • Windows located in every room
  • Security stickers during check in and check out
  • Security Team patrolling during services

We look forward to you joining us!  When you arrive, come to the Children's Check-In table in our Welcome Center.  You will be greeted by one of our volunteers and your child will be checked into our database system.

We will ask for the following information:

  • Parent(s) or Guardian(s) name(s), address, email address and phone number.
  • Child's full (legal) name
  • Birth date, gender, grade and any special instructions (i.e. allergies, health or behavior concerns, etc.)

You and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. You will need these tags for the child's check out at the end of service. After check in, one of our volunteers will be happy to show you the age-appropriate room for your child.


The average child will spend over 1000 hours every year in school and they will spend less than 50 hours in church. The average parent has more than 10 times the opportunities to discuss spiritual issues in one year than a church leader does in 10 years. The church has limited potential to impact the heart of your child. What happens at home in many ways is more important than what happens at Church!

West Park seeks and desires involvement from the child's parents both inside and outside of the church in order to help develop a faith and continued spiritual growth. 

Here at West Park, we believe that parents carry the primary spiritual burden to discipline their own children and that it's our job as a church to encourage the necessary steps to lead their families at home.

Below are a few helpful links for you: 

WP Kids Facebook

Parent Cue Resources

We Meet:

Sundays at 9:15 for Sunday School in the Children's Wing of our building.

Wednesdays from 6 to 7 for Rec Time in the Family Life Center and from 7 to 8 for Bible Study in the Children's Wing.

We also have outings, camps, VBS and holiday programs throughout the year


Due to the Pandemic the above has been amended.

Currently, Children's Church now meets in the Children's Wing during the 10 o'clock service.  Our Volunteers have worked hard to make an enjoyable and safe experience for kids K through 5th grade.

Please Note - Children's Church is for Elementary aged children, Kindergarten through 5th grade. These children are to be capable of following verbal instruction and are able to go to the bathroom by themselves. This plan does not include children that require assistance during bathroom use or that require diaper changing as it would present too much of a risk at this time. We are not offering nursery, Sunday School or Wednesday night activities at this time.