Hello Lady! You are beautiful and loved! My hope here is that you will find a place that you can be assured that

God loves you and you are perfect in His eyes! 

You are a sister to us and we pray that you find comfort in being around other ladies who are maybe just like you! 

We always have our hands in something, 

whether it's hosting a girls night, loving the community or meeting together for a look into God's word. 

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Much Love - Sharon Davis

august 5th @ 11:00am

BLISS - reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else. 

That is exactly what we try to achieve in this time together. These two hours are meant for you! Take time away from your routine and breath, enjoy positive girl talk, tasty brunch items and a look deep into God's love for you! This meeting takes place the first Saturday of every month. 

Currently we are looking at "Women In The Word" from She Reads Truth. This takes a close look into the lives of various women in the bible. Moments when they trusted God and times where they could not be any farther from His plan.