Rooted  - Small Group Program

We appreciate everyone's excitement about the new Rooted program at West Park. We know that you probably have a list of questions, so to answer you we've compiled this list. It certainly isn't a complete list, but we tried to answer the most common questions that have been asked. We appreciate your prayers and patience as we initiate our new small group ministry here at West Park. 


Q. When does Rooted begin?

A. Sunday, May 5that 6pm in the FLC.


Q. How often do Rooted groups meet?

A. Once a week.


Q. What day and time do Rooted groups meet?

A. That is determined by the eligibility that you marked when you signed up.  At the kickoff your group facilitator will determine and set the time and location that works best for everyone.


Q. What if I put down the wrong eligibility by mistake?

A. We know that happens sometimes.  In the event that you marked the wrong eligibility, or that your schedule has changed, we may add you to a different group to better suit your schedule.


Q. How long is the Rooted Program?

A. Rooted is a 10-week program.


Q. What happens after the 10-weeks of Rooted?

A. The groups will transition into our next small group study.


Q. When will we find out who is in our Rooted Small Group?

A. The groups will meet for the first time on Sunday, May 5thduring the kickoff.


Q. How much is the Rooted book?

A. $15.00


Q. If my spouse and I are doing Rooted together, do we both need to buy a book?

A. It is recommended that every participant purchase a book.  There is reading for each day as well as a series of questions over the reading. Also, each day the book asks to write down a prayer and gives you the space to do so.


Q. When do we pay for the book(s)?

A. At the kickoff on May 5that 6pm.


Q. What if we can’t afford a book?

A. We do not want the cost of a book to prohibit someone from joining the rooted program.  If you truly can’t afford a book, all that we ask is you speak to any one of our elders.


Q. I already attend a small group with people from West Park, will our group be able to do Rooted together?

A. The rooted program is an all new program at West Park designed to get our folks meeting, learning and serving with people we normally wouldn’t do those things with.  Each Rooted group is a new small group and will meet apart from any current small groups that are meeting.


Q. Since Rooted groups are separate from my current small group does that mean our current small groups cannot meet?

A. We are not suggesting that at all.  The current small groups can continue to meet if they so feel led.


Q. If I’m already meeting with a small group with people from West Park, should I join a Rooted group?

A. Absolutely! Rooted is a fantastic program that is designed to bring our congregation together as one.  Also, the Sunday morning messages are going to coincide with the Rooted material.


Q. I don’t think I can join a group right now, will Rooted ever be offered again?

A. Yes.  Rooted will be offered again every 10 weeks as long as we have enough people to form at least one group (8 to 12 people).

Q. Can my teenager attend a Rooted group?

A. Yes.  Matt Hughes will be leading the teenage Rooted program.


Q. When is the deadline for signing up for Rooted?

A. Sunday, April 28th, 2019.