Meet the staff

Say Hello to the west park staff

mike hawkins

lead minister

From the variety of classes that we offer, to the numerous ministries and service opportunities that are available, our hope is that you will find a home among us. Our mission is simple - to Reach those outside the family of God, to Revive believers with authentic worship and to Renew our community by being an active church body. Please let us know how we can assist you in your walk with Jesus, and we hope that you will join us this Sunday!

Matt Hughes

YOuth Minister

The teenage years can be cool, complex and challenging. I enjoy being a positive influence in the most critical part of a young persons development. In the youth group at West Park, I alongside my ministry team create an open environment where teenagers feel they belong and can be excited and encouraged about life. 

Zach Tanner

Children's Minister

Kids are awesome! God has designed them to be loud, crazy and fun! The children's ministry at West Park encourages that energy. We love having the opportunity to share God's love with children in new and exciting ways. If there is a child in your life, we would love to partner with you in ministering to them. 

randy coffman pastoral counselor

Life can sometimes hit hard and in different forms. Spiritually, financially, emotionally. I am the on call staff counselor and I make myself readily available for you. You can be assured that there is a level of confidence in which you can express yourself and together we can work through life's obstacles. 

Sharon davis

Administrative Assistant

It is my prayer that you feel welcomed and loved here at West Park, no matter your circumstance. If you ever have any questions or just need to talk to someone, please feel free to stop or call the church office and I will be that friendly voice to say "Hello!"