Our Mission

Every ministry at West Park is designed with the intent to put our Mission statement into practice.

 Reach People

Revive Hearts

Renew Minds

Reaching People

Reach is defined as the action of stretching out an arm in order to touch or grasp something or someone. Our mission is to develop authentic friendships with those outside the family of God - to love them, serve them, and ultimately invite them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Reviving Hearts

To revive someone is to give them new strength or energy. Our missions is to energize believers by creating an environment for authentic worship, learning and communicating while developing genuine community with each other and our Lord. 

Renewing Minds

To breathe fresh life into something is to renovate, restore or renew. Our mission is to have the character of Jesus return to our culture by being active participants in our surrounding community, changing lives in all that we say and do.