On-Campus Service Option

West Park now offers an on-campus service as an option for folks to worship in a corporate setting.  With that said we will continue to operate as we have since the shelter in place order was given months ago.  This means we will still be offering drive through Communion and Offering on Sundays from 10 to 11:30 a.m.  We will still be posting the weekly devotions to our website.  And, we will live stream the service on YouTube each Sunday.  We want to encourage folks to participate as they see fit.  For some that means participating from home.  Others may want to try the on-campus option.  No matter how you choose to worship, we want you to worship in a way that you feel safe and comfortable.  We will continue to offer the at home and the on-campus option as long as need be as a ministry to our families. 

With that said, lets look at,

The On-Campus Service Option And What To Expect:

  • In accordance with the Governors orders and the recommendations of the Virginia Department of Health, West Park will be following the recommended social distancing guidelines. 
  • Our Family Life Center will be set up so that folks will be able to sit at a minimum of 6 feet apart.  Families who have traveled together are permitted and are recommended to sit together to provide ample space for everyone.
  • Face masks are required to enter our building and should remain on during the service, with the exception that they be removed when partaking in communion.  Those in need of a mask will be given one.
  • Communion and offering will be offered during each service.  Plates will not be passed.  The servers will be the only ones handling the plates.  The servers will walk around and allow for the offering to be placed in the plate, as well as communion to be taken from the plate.
  • Communion will consist of factory sealed “Communion Kits.” 
  • Access to the building will be limited to the main floor of the Family Life Center and the restrooms attached to the ground floor of the Family Life Center. 
  • Entry to the Family Life Center can be accessed through the glass doors located under the loft (a.k.a. the overhang). 
  • The Family Life Center and the ground floor bathrooms attached to the Family Life Center will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each service. 
  • The Family life center will open at 9:30am and services will begin at 10am
  • We ask everyone would abstain from contacting, touching, hugging, etc.  If you have a “coughing spell” during the service, we ask that you step outside the building until the spell subsides. 
  • If you are feeling under the weather, ill or are running a fever stay home and stream the service.
  • Until notice is given, we will not be offering Open Gym, Mid-Week Service, Wednesday Night Dinner or Bible Study classes on campus.
  • We ask that everyone abide by these guidelines out of respect for others as we attempt to be responsible in providing an on-campus service option for our church family and guests. 

On-Campus Sunday School Option

West Park now offers Sunday School classes on our church campus. Classes will begin at 9 and conclude at 9:45, with the worship service to follow at 10 am. Please note that we will continue to follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health for all Sunday School classes and the worship service.

Updated: November 4th, 2020